TelkomMetra Group


Metrasat is a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of TelkomMetra which was established in 2005. Metrasat provides end-to-end solution services in the field of satellite-based data communication networks (Satellite Data Access Services).

Metrasat has wide satellite-based data communication networks in both urban and rural areas with fast, responsiveness, flexible and high-quality services. Metrasat’s service areas spread throughout Indonesia and abroad. Metrasat’s business grows quite high due to the contribution of the consolidation strategy implemented by TELKOM to transfer the management of the entire satellite services to Metrasat in 2012, namely VSAT IP, IDR, DS3 and STM-1. TELKOM’s strategy is believed to increase the business and value of Metrasat in the future. In the effort of improving its service quality standards, Metrasat implemented a Quality Management System to achieve ISO 9001:2008 Certification in May 2012 on the Quality Management System from TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH, a certification body based in Germany. Optima services and extensive satellite networks have made it a market leader in satellite services industry in the country.

Marketing Office

STO Telkom Karet Tengsin 2nd Floor
Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur No.1
Jakarta Pusat 10220
Telepon:+62 21 579 74102+62 21 579 74102
Fax:+62 21 579 05921

Operational Office

Jl. KH Soleh Iskandar KM 6, Tanah Sareal
Telepon:+62 251 754 3635
Fax:+62 251 754 2998

PT. Finnet Indonesia

PT Finnet Indonesia (Finnet) was established in 2005 and engaged in the field of e-Payment. Services offered include Bill Payment, Interbank Transaction, Payment Channel, Payment Application and Service Bureau portfolios. Finnet’s excellence lies in the application of an online payment integration system which is secure, accurate, real time, and connected with the main biller and leading banks.

In early 2011, Finnet obtained a Money Remittance Service (KUPU) license from Bank Indonesia. Due to this license, Finnet is allowed to make a transfer of funds from and to various destinations in Indonesia and abroad. This license is implemented, among others, in FinChannel service products.

In 2012, Finnet made a Bill Payment market expansion by increasing the number of billers and payment merchants, among others, through the expansion of Bill Payment in Telkomsel by switching the management of Arthajasa to Finnet. In addition, Finnet also conducted the development of Finpay products for payment transactions via ATM transfer, online banking, credit card, bank transfer, and e-Money and mobile banking. These Finpay products had cooperated with 50 banks and 150 leading merchants. In order to improve its services, Finnet implemented the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS to ensure the accuracy and security of transactions. Currently Finnet is one of the major players in the national e-Payment services.

Menara Bidakara Lt. 12
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav 71-73
Jakarta 12870
Telepon:+62 21 829 9999
Fax:+62 21 828 1999

PT Sigma Cipta Caraka

PT Sigma Cipta Caraka (telkomsigma) is an IT-based business support services provider acquired by TelkomMetra in 2008. The services offered by telkomsigma include IT Managed Services, Software Development, System Integration, IT Consulting & Advisory and Cloud Computing portfolios.

The growth of telkomsigma is driven by the market’s increasing needs for data center services and disaster recovery services, as well as customer needs for Infrastructure, Application and Business Operation outsourcing.

This excellent business performance of telkomsigma is fueled by the efforts of the Company to develop the services, products and information technology solutions that suit the market dynamics, namely, among others, the development of the own software products of ARIUM for banking and financial services industry, Cloud Computing services, and the expansion of the capacity of the Data Center. Cloud Computing services officially launched in 2012 offer 2 (two) Cloud solutions, namely Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which consists of Private Cloud, vMachine and vData Center, and Software as a Service (SaaS). SaaS services that have been offered are, among others, the Mobile Force application to facilitate the Sales Force Automation.

Desa Sigma

Desa Sigma, German Centre, 5th Floor
Jl. Kapt. Subijanto Dj. Bumi Serpong Damai
Tangerang 15321, Indonesia
Telepon:+62 21 538 8538
Fax::+62 21 538 8505

Sigma Inno Office

DEA Tower 8th Floor Kawasan Mega Kuningan
Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat IX Kav. 4.3 No.1
Jakarta 12950
Telepon::+62 21 576 2150
Fax::+62 21 576 2155

PT. Metranet

PT Metra-Net (Metranet) was established in 2009 and is a subsidiary that manages e-Commerce and Superportal business portfolios. Services offered by Metranet in the Superportal portfolio are news portals, Online Media Advertising and Content. While in the e-Commerce portfolio, Metranet in cooperation with Microsoft has built PlasaMSN portal, a portal that has the complete content, including news, online media advertising, video on demand, etc, integrated with Microsoft services.

Metranet’s business platform for Superportal is supported by news portal (PlasaMSN) platform which is a website derived from the combination of the best things from software companies, service providers and solution providers that can be accessed by users via the multi-screen (online, mobile, internet and TV). PlasaMSN features present the latest technology such as video on demand, media advertising, news about the topics lifestyle and entertainment.

Mulia Business Park, Building J
Jl. Letjen MT Haryono Kav. 58 – 60, Pancoran
Jakarta 12780
Telepon:+62 21 791 87250+62 21 791 87250
Fax:+62 21 791 87252

PT. Administrasi Medika

PT Administrasi Medika (AdMedika) is a company engaged in the field of e-Health Services, which was acquired by TelkomMetra in 2010. Services offered by Amedika include e-Claim Individual, e-Claim Services Public Sector, e-Claim Services Private Sector, i-Assist (emergency medical, travel and personal assistance program), Hospital Information System (HISys), e-Health Card, e-Clinic, and e-Pharmacy portfolios. In improving its service quality standards, AdMedika has implemented a Quality Management System to obtain ISO 9001:2008 from the JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand).

AdMedika is the first Third Party Administrator (TPA) in Indonesia that combines online claim process application and health insurance administration services. AdMedika is professionally experienced for more than 6 (six) years in providing health insurance administration services. Its expertise and experience allow it to understand the needs of our partners and/or participants.

With increasingly diverse services, now AdMedika’s services are not only used by private insurance but are also used by public insurance such as Provincial Governments and State-Owned Enterprises. In addition, AdMedika also develops e-Pharmacy services that connect health clinics with the e-Health ecosystem such as pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and insurance. In the effort of improving its service quality standards, AdMedika implemented a Quality Management System and obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification from the JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand). This certification certainly shows the international recognition of the quality of services and products offered by AdMedika to its customers.

Telkom STO Gambir Building
(C Building – 3rd, 4th, 5th Floor)
Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan No. 12
Jakarta Pusat 10110
Telepon:+62 21 348 31100+62 21 348 31100
Fax:+62 21 348 30101

PT. MelOn Indonesia

PT Melon Indonesia (MelOn) was established in 2011 and is a joint venture company between TelkomMetra and SK Telecom Korea. MelOn’s business portfolios are online music databases and applications of digital music content. MelOn’s business platforms are online music databases and applications of digital music content. In addition, MelOn cooperates with Telkomsel for all Digital Music Content programs, including RBT Full Track Music and Voice SMS platforms.

MelOn is present in Online Digital Music industry to capture the potential Indonesian market.
Products and Services: Online Digital Music Content and Content.

Gedung Telkom lt.7
Jalan Sisingamangaraja Kav.4-6
Jakarta Selatan, 12110
Telepon:+62 21 724 4493
Fax:+62 21 724 4390

PT. Infomedia Nusantara

PT Infomedia Nusantara (Infomedia) was acquired by TelkomMetra in 2009 and is a subsidiary that manages the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) portfolio.

The Infomedia Business Process Outsourcing portfolio includes CRMS, Human Resources Management, Data Analytics, and Operation Services. Infomedia has contact center services with a variety of accesses including voice, e-mail, IVR, website, SMS and retail outlets.

Jl. RS Fatmawati 77-81
Jakarta 12150
Telepon:+62 21 720 1221
Fax:+62 21 720 1226


Citiwalk Building 3rd-5th Floor
Jl. KH Mas Mansyur Kav. 24A
Jakarta Pusat
Telepon:+62 21 579 94009+62 21 579 94009
Fax:+62 21 579 94007


PT MetraPlasa (MetraPlasa) was established in September 2012 and is a joint venture company between TelkomMetra and e-Bay engaged in the field of e-Commerce. This strategic partnership with leaders in e-Commerce industry is believed to increase market penetration and connect MetraPlasa with hundreds of millions of merchants, both local and global, and make TelkomMetra an e-Commerce (C2C) market leader in Indonesia and in the region.

This strategic partnership with eBay, a leader in e-Commerce industry, can improve and assist in serving large merchants and Small and Medium Enterprise (UKM) merchants in all territories of Indonesia to reach all locations of local and global buyers.

Mulia Business Park, Building J
Jl. Letjen MT Haryono Kav. 58 – 60, Pancoran
Jakarta 12780
Telepon:+62 21 79187250+62 21 79187250
Fax:+62 21 791 87252


TelkomMetra entered e-Trade Logistics business in September 2012 through the establishment of PT Integrasi Logistik Cipta Solusi (ILCS) in cooperation with a strategic partner, namely IPC. ILCS portfolio is e-Trade Logistics with services including e-Payment Trade Logistics, IT Service Management for Trade Logistics and Consultation and Business Management for Trade Logistics.

The e-Trade Logistics platform to be provided is the collaboration portal that will facilitate the logistics players to exchange information, document administration, and payments, which integrates Business to Business (B2B) with Business to Government (B2G), including domestic and international logistics. At the initial stage, the applications developed are e-Payment and In-House Managed Application Services.

Plasa Telkom Lt. 4
Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 23-24, Tanjung Priok, Jakarta
Telepon:+62 21 43932555+62 21 43932555
Fax:++62 21 43936555

MD Media

PT Metra Digital Media (MD Media)is a company engaged in the Media and Advertising business. For Advertising, MD Media provides full service agency services, ranging from creative concept, media placement, execution, to activation.

MD Media has a directory-based media coverage in the form of Printed and Online, Media Digital Out of Home and Mobile Advertising.


PT PINS INDONESIA is a company in TelkomMetra Group that manages devices supply portfolios (Premises Equipment/PE), device and network integration (Premises Intergration/PI), as well as device and network maintenance (Maintenance) services.
Plaza Kuningan
Annex Building lantai 7
Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav. C11-C14
Jakarta 12940, Indonesia
Telepon:+62 21 5202560
Fax:+6221 52920156


PT. Patra Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Patrakom) was established on 28 September 1995. Patrakom provide solutions and network communication with : Communication Systems Operator Micro Earth Station (SKSBM).
License Patrakom :

  1. Fixed Closed (Jartaptup)
  2. Network Access Point (NAP)
  3. Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  4. Communications System Data (Siskomdat)

Currently, Patrakom has had partners from various companies and fields, including:

  • Petroleum and Mining
  • Telecommunications (among others: Cellular Telecommunications Operator)
  • Banking and Financial Institutions (on-line system)
  • Media & Information (broadcast remote printing)
  • Plantation
  • Tourism
  • Government Institutions (Department)
  • Maritime
  • Retail
Patrakom provides various types of Telecommunications services including:
Network :
  2. Terrestrial (VPN-IP MPLE, Metro Ethernet/Metro-E dan Radio Link)

Services :

  1. The Internet
  2. IP Transit
  3. Based Satellite Phone Solutions
  4. Telecommunications Solutions for Broadcasting
  6. Mobile Satellite Access Point using Inmarsat BGAN & FBB
  7. Patrakom & Reliable Automatic Tracking System (M-Star)
  8. Patrakom Surveillance Security System (PS3)

Patrakom is committed to providing products and services in accordance with Customer needs by implementing several regulations and approaches as well as Help Desk support 24 hours a day, in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

PT. Patra Telekomunikasi Indonesia
Jl. Pringgondani II No. 33
Alternatif Cibubur – Depok 16954
T : (62 21) 8454040
F : (62 21) 8457610


Telkomtelstra is an end-to-end managed solutions provider committed to empowering enterprises in Indonesia. We aim to solve our customers’ business challenges, by helping them to optimise, grow, and transform their businesses through our managed ICT solutions.

Telkomtelstra is a joint venture between PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom Indonesia), Indonesia’s largest telecommunications operator, and Telstra Corporation Limited (Telstra), a regional leader in enterprise services. Leveraging the strengths of both Telkom Indonesia and Telstra, we bring an unparalleled combination of deep local market expertise and global managed solutions experience.

Eighty Eight @ Kasablanka, 35th Floor
Jl Casablanca Raya Kav 88
Jakarta 12879
Telepon:+62 21 8064 0600