TelkomMETRA Group offers Information Technology Service

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

The digital information technology infrastructure has developed rapidly. It has penetrated various sectors. This development is parallel with the growing needs of easiness of information exchange and transaction. The development and necessity of Information Technology has created a vast market opportunity.

The demand of bandwidth connection which is reliable and easy to install in the area covered by satellite service has become a necessity for business, both for large and medium business. Through its Strategic Business Unit METRASAT, TelkomMetra Group offers end-to-end solution service in the area of satellite-based data communication network (Satellite Data Access Services). TelkomMETRA Group offers a fast, responsive, flexible, and high quality service. In 2010, Metrasat has became a market leader in satellite and data services industry in Indonesia. It reached 21% of the market share.

In the area of digital-based business support service, TelkomMetra Group through its Subsidiary, PT Sigma Cipta Caraka (also known as telkomSigma) offers various Information Technology solution services. These solution services include consulting, software, application, and data center operation in banking sector (either conventional banking or syariah), finance, telecommunication, manufacturing, and distribution with more than 20 years of experience.

At the same time, TelkomMetra Group has stimulated the growth in e-Commerce industry in Indonesia. Online billing payment became very popular in Indonesia. This trend is increasing as people become more comfortable doing transaction electronically. As a part of TelkomMetra  Group, PT Finnet Indonesia has become a dominant player in the national e-payment service. This main portfolio consists of bill payment, interbank transaction, payment channel, payment application, and service bureau through online and mobile channel.

In another sector, the health insurance companies in Indonesia are increasing. The growth is expected to escalate the outsourcing of the administration function to Third Party Administrator (TPA). PT Administrasi Medika or AdMedika, as a part of TelkomMetra Group, emerges as a service provider to support health insurance claim administration. It provides simplicity for insurance company, policyholder and health institution.

To complement its information technology platform service, TelkomMetra Group, through PT Infomedia Nusantara, offers Contact Center & Business Process Management services.